Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's a blue blue day, or should I say it's a white white day. grin. Yes everyone, it is snowing again,I am beginning to think like the guy in the diary of a snowshoveller. If you haven't read it, just type in diary of a snowshoveller in google, and read it, I laughed everytime I read it or tried to read it to others, but NOW I am getting to feel just like him. haha.
Well I thought we had found my missing nephew yesterday. Remember I told you my newphew Alderic DeBristole was missing? Last contact with him was in February 2007. Anyway I have posted on lots of forums, yesterday I received a reply, they had found a A DeBristole living in Montreal, I quickly jotted down the phone number and called my brother, but it turned out ,that that was Alderic's old address and phone number. So back to searching. I cannot believe that Alderic is not somewhere online even? He did have a computer and used to be online. I am waiting to see if I will hear from his mother in law in Las Paz or Las Pas Mexico.
I have added more names in my Chartersville Cemetery on my webpage at that is some huge cemetery. Never realized there were so many buried there.
We have new members just joined our genealogy group, I am pleased to have them with us.
It would be nice if we had one HUGE genealogy group for Acadians,Cajun,and French Canadian. Who knows maybe our group will keep on growing and we will get there.
Thanks for the visit, and do come again
Have a nice day

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