Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do you believe it? Well this photo was taken this week in Saint Leonard New Brunswick near the Van Buren border. Bobcats, and it is the first time I see so many of them at one time. There was one who came into our neighborhood, and someone snapped his photo, I thought Wow , right in the city, but it looks as if the bobcats are having a hard time this winter. They are probably coming out looking for some food. My friend Effie sent me the photos to share with you.I don't think I would like to come face to face with them. grin. As you can see there is alots of snow, so the deer and other animals must have had a hard winter.

Now changing the subject, I am still adding names to the Saint Charles Cemetery page on my website at , You can view the images at Rick's site at . As I told you, he has given me permission to add the index on my site , which has a link to his site. I have done quite a bit so far. I am also not adding names to my Chartersville Road Cemetery (Our lady of Calvary) in Dieppe NB. I also have been translation my P'Tit Francois articles from french to english, but I think it is more interesting to read the french version since he tells his stories in Chiac or old Acadian words.

Our genealogy group is doing very well , we are helping others as much as we can with their research. It is unbelievable what team work will do. So if you are just surfing in from the net, and if you want to join our group,go to my website, click on Acadian Roots group. But if you decide on joining us, please know in advance, we are one big family, and sometimes the subject is not strickly genealogy, we do mostly genealogy but we sometimes get off the subject but you can be sure we jump right back on it. I do hope you will come and see for yourself. Thank you so much for stopping by, I do hope you will come again.

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