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Acadians at Pointe Ste Anne (today Fredericton) did you know that this acadian village is now the capital of New Brunswick in Canada? There was a great tragedy that happened there, the english raided the village, killed many acadians, burned their houses down,now I am not saying this to talk against all the english since there were orders that were given. Anyway some acadians were murdured and even scalped. Now the the church is not there anymore, but the cemetery is, and for some time it was said that the cemetery had indians or native americans buried there and that that cemetery was an indian burial ground. Until they found some skeletons. Here is an exhert from Fidele Terriault's book.
The testimony of James Neville sheds an interesting light on the excavations of Wintemberg in 1933. It was at the suggestion of Neville that the York and Sunbury Historical Society asked for the services of Wintemberg to carry out the excavations of the cemetery of Point Saint Anne. Let him himself describe the context of these excavations in 1933:

“Dr Wintemberg came here with the idea of finding the bodies of prehistorics [sic] Indians and he instead discovered that closely buried together, in one case, two bodies in one grave were bodies supposed not to be Indians but Europeans. In all seven skeletons examined were evidence of their being killed in battle. In one case the skeleton had a bullet hole in the head and the right side of the head was also crushed in. In another there were two bullets in the grave. All these skeletons which I saw taken up were buried three feet only below the surface. Local authorities including Rev. Dr. F. A. Wightman, Mr. R. P. Gorham, and others (said) these bodies were buried in 1789 (sic 1759) during their fight with Hazen Rangers, and in the winter burial after the battle, they claim is the reason why they are only three feet down. There was no evidence of any coffin, nor of any religious emblem buried with them. Neither is there any evidence of Indian according to Dr. Wintemberg who is an expert in these things.”[1]

Thus there is no doubt that the cemetery dated to the first part of the 18th century and that it is really a matter of the village of Point Saint Anne.
[1] Centre d’├ętudes acadiennes, notes de james Neville, 10.2.7.

Now some of us had ancestors there, I had Bergerons, Godins, among mine. It is hard to imagine the hardships and the sadness my ancestors went through, running as fast as they could through the woods not even knowing which way to go, some running with their little babies and little children, afraid for their lives, did any of my Bergerons die among the casualties? There were Roys, there were Pare families, and others. I am anxious to go to Fredericton in 2009, I may even get there before. I do hope that they declare the site of the old Acadian Church and Cemetery a historic site, I think the Acadians need this.
Well changing the subject, I added a little story about a generous Bourgeois in my glimpse of the past pages. I am also on another project, which I will let you know when I am done, I am working on it now, it should help some of you in your genealogy.
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