Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring will soon be here, today is March the eight already. It would be my father's birthday, he would be 98 if he were still here. He always celebrated his birthday on the ninth until I began my genealogy and found his birth record. My Dad was a man with a nice personality, everyone who met him liked him. He loved the Bingo, and when I used to go and meet him there, we would go ten percent if we won, meaning if I won I had to give him ten percent of my winnings, and he would do the same. Well when I won, and gave him his share, he would laugh and smile and be all excited, BUT when HE won and had to give me my share it was a different story, no laughing ,no smile grin. One time he was driving down our main street, and he was stopped by a police man, the police man said didn't you see that stop sigh? Dad replied WHAT stop sign? The policeman took his license away at that very spot haha. He never got it back but he was in his late eighties or early nineties.
On another note, I have added something new on my website at if you go there, go down to glimpse of the past , click and you will see I have added a little article I found from a newspaper about the hermit of Terrebonne, I have another article to add soon also. While you are there check out the crimes and punishment page if you haven't already.
I have also added this week's Petit Francois and this time I have translated it to English, it is not exactly word for word since some are hard to translate but it gives you an idea about the stories. I do hope you will enjoy them.
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