Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you remember? Our grandparents and great grandparents sure had it rough compared to us . The barrel on the photo was probably to catch rain water. The rain water would have been used to bathe and to do the laundry and household cleaning. I remember when I had my camp in Saint Louis de Kent, and it was fun , we were roughing it, we were two couples, my sister and brother in law and my Gerry and me. We all stayed in the same camp at first, my brother in law made four bunk beds ,we had an old fridge and we had no TV. Anyway I remember my sister in law and I decided to make a garden, well we dug the earth and planted our garden and we needed water , so we went and got some plastic barrels and put them at the corners of our camp where the water would run down, and then we had pails we would fill and take to the garden. Would you believe that this was hard work? Anyway our garden was the most beautiful garden, we would go water the garden early in the morning , late at night, but the mosquitos were unbelievable, and the garden was ready to pick and the night before , we looked at our peas, what beautiful peas, the next morning all excited we were going to pick the garden, got there and there was not one single pea left, the crows ate them all. sigh.
Now the washer on the picture , I never ever seen one of those but I remember Mom had a wringer washer and she would wash her clothes pass them through the wringer and they woul d drop in this big galvanized tub to rinse them. And I remember she had a scrub board, so did my mother in law, Mom said she used that board for many years. If our ancestors could open their eyes today and see all the different changes compared to their times, they would be amazed.
Now I would like to change the subject, I have not blogged in a few days, I am working on another cemetery, Rick has given me permission to add one of his cemeteries on my website ,the Saint Charles Cemetery in Amherst Nova Scotia . Rick has the images on his site at and I am adding the names on the stones, it is a big cemetery so it will take me awhile to add all of them, but they are all in alphabetical order on his site so I have finished the A to C page and am beginning the next ones. Rick also has other cemeteries of Nova Scotia on his site, he doesn't only have the catholic cemeteries so if you are looking for someone around Amherst Nova Scotia please check his website and he has lots more stuff on his site. I was very impressed when I seen it. To find the cemetery on my site I will add it on my sidebar for a while then will add it to my other cemetery pages later, I think I will also move my Chartersville Our Lady of Rosary cemetery to our New Brunswick Cemetery pages soon also. I am still adding names in that cemetery.
If any of you read this blog and just surfed in, we have a nice genealogy group where we help one another ,if you are interested check the sidebar on my site at and follow the instructions to join us. If you have any french, acadian, cajun, french canadian,ancestors and you either need to find them or want to share them please join us. We are close to 400 members . I had it set so anyone could join , now I have it set that you have to have an invite because of all the spamming going on now days, it is a shame that this happens, so now our group is by invite only, I hope you will come and check us out.
Thanks for the visit, please come again. Have a nice day

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