Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cocagne is a little village in Kent County New Brunswick,I have some ancestors who were originally from there. My Williams dit Bristol ancestor Mathurin Guillaume Bristol apparently came from Bristol England as a young lad, maybe a cabin boy, for reasons unknown the story or legend is that he jumped ship in Cocagne ,hid in a hayloft and was found by Joseph Goguen one of the founders of Cocagne. Joseph is said to have adopted Mathurin ,and gave him the names Mathurin (named after the missionary) Guillaume (because the little boy said his name was William or Williams) and Bristol(because that is where he said he was from). As you know Joseph Goguen married a few times, he settled in Memramcook for a while, that is where Mathurin spent his life, Mathurin lived in a place called Taylor Village. He died in Memramcook in 1829. His grandson Augustin Bristol is my ancestor who settled in Cocagne. Cocagne is a nice little place to visit in the summertime. It is not the oldest Acadian Village in New Brunswick tho. Memramcook was the first. Why is my blog about Cocagne? Well the reason is also to let you know I have added some early marriages of Cocagne on my website, and I have added just a few births especially Cormiers, Breau, and of course Bristols and Williams. I have a few deaths but not many. So if you have ancestors from the Cocagne area, go to my website click on New Brunswick Parish Records, check out Cocagne. I do hope even one of the names I have added will benefit someone.
Just a little note here, I just would like to say that genealogy is something that is so very important, if you read history books, you will know that someone had to research the information, and they must have done a lot of searching to find their information. Genealogy should be a labor of love, and we do our genealogy or family trees in order to leave something behind for others when we go. Even if you are an aunt or an uncle, and even if you have no children of your own, do it for your nieces and nephews, leave a part of yourself behind for others. Sometimes you may feel like saying I give up, because you cannot seem to get further with your research. Do not give up, something will turn up sooner or later. As I said on another blog or in my group, it took me around 25 years before I came across my great grandfather's death, I was given the wrong years by a relative. And yesterday I was looking though some records on line and lo and behold I found the death of my great great grandmother who was not registered in the parish records, she died of paralasis in Saint Paul, what a great find and I though she died in 1892 she died in 1890. SEE ? And I have been at this since 1976. Now if ONLY I could find the death of Abraham Chate dit Chase , I would be so happy. So to you I say, go and dig ,dig ,dig, you just may uncover some treasures much better than gold.
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