Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cajun Blood, have you ever heard that song by Jo-El Sonnier, I find it so touching ,I wanted to find a spot on my website to add it, so what more fitting than a cajun page. With the help of my friends and permission from others, I have created a page called "What is a Cajun". I am very proud of the page and I let a cajun have the first look,he approved and that is good enough for me. So if you want to read some very touching and down to earth stories ,go to click on Acadian/Cajun and go to what is a cajun at the bottom of the drop down menu.
On another note, I would just like to say that from this moment on, my acadianroots group will be accessed by invite only. I had to do this because of all the spamming that is happening out there, I have a great group, and want to keep it that way so I am securing our site, if any ones wants an invite there are guidelines ,if interesed go to my website and click on acadian group, read the info there . I feel bad that I have to resort to this, but the safety of my group is important. This was a hard decision to make but in my heart I feel I am doing the right thing. If you are sincere about genealogy, if you really want us to help you or if you sincerely want to help us help others then by all means come join us. Our group are not always totally talking genealogy , we are also friends and friends are there for each other. We are one big family......with a goal, to knock down our brick walls first and foremost and help others with their genealogy when we can.
Well we are expecting rain today, I am glad because a lot of snow will dissappear, it will be so nice to see the grass again, and the warm weather, (probably then I will complain that it is too hot ,grin). Thanks for the visit, as always I am glad you came, it gives me reason to keep my blogs going.
Have a great day

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