Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can you guess what this is? Well I will tell you a little story,back around 1953 or so my baby brother was just a toddler, and at that time we had a milkman who used to deliver around six bottles a milk at a time and leave them on our front step. The milk bottles back then were made of glass with yes you guessed it a cover just like the one you see here. And the milk back then was pasterized milk, and when the bottles were on the steps, the cream would all be on the top of the bottles, well my little baby brother would go out on the front steps, lift the cover and drink the cream, only the cream. No wonder he was so cute and chubby. grin.
Changing the story, yesterday I picked up my copy of the french paper l"etoile, there were two interesting stories, one of them I entered in my seniors over 95 years page on Acadian Roots, it is about a couple celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary, he is 99 she is 89, just find HEBERT and read all about it, it is an amazing story, the one who did the interview was a Paul Emile Cormier, the interview was very well done in french so I translated it to the best of my ability.The couple are Edgar and Emilienne.
Also there was an article on the unveiling of the coats of arm, Remember I told you the Leger family had a new coat of arms? Well the unveiling was delayed until the 29th of February in order so that Mrs Claire Boudrot could attend. Nine families now have their coat of arms displayed at the University of Moncton CEA center. They are the Babin, Babineau, Boudreau, Bourgeois, LeBlanc, Leger,Mallet,Robichaud and Savoie. The ceremony was organized by Isabelle Cormier CEA's new director. Many people attended.It began with the anthem Ave Marie Stella,then Mrs Thelma Richard president of the FAFA welcomed everyone.To end the ceremony the choir of Neil Michaud sang two other songs. A lunch was served while people filed by looking at the coat of arms. The public is welcome to view these coat of arms at the CEA.There were two photos along with the article, one was Stephen White, Claire Boudreau, Thelma Richar, Donald Boudreau, and Leo Paul Leger. The other photo was Stephen White (genealogist), Claire Boudreau, Isabelle Cormier, and Leo Paul Leger.
When I see something Acadian, or anything else that relates to me or my research or my interests, I enjoy reading it.
My acadianroots group in yahoo is doing well, we have a very nice group, willing to help others when they can, so if you come into my blog from the web, and you do not know how to get to our group, go to on the sidebar you will see our group. If you have brick walls you want us to try and help you with, or if you would like to help others also please join us.
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