Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Good morning . It is going to be a lovely day, the temperature is suppose to be plus eight later today. I am looking towards my front window and I see the trees swaying to and fro, our snow has gone down since our storm, it was mild yesterday so lots of it melted. It sure must have been a hard winter for the deer and small animals in the woods this past winter.

Well I have added more stories in my crimes and punishment page on my website.If you go to click on glimpse of the past ,then to crimes n punishments, go to the bottom. One of the stories I read in a newspaper article, before I found that a movie and a series was based on the murder. The other story is about a lynching, these were back in the late 1800s, but interesting to know what went on. I also have another little story I am working on, that I will let you know when it is completed. Later when the weather gets nicer, I will see about adding more genealogy related stuff.

When I went to PEI on my last visit, friends of mine had tons of books, not genealogy related but there was one book that caught my eye, because it had old rain barrels in it and an old horse and buggy, but the photo that caught my eye was the photo of the doll that you see. She is an Eaton Beauty doll, and my mother had one just like her when she was a little girl, she told me her father was away a lot he was a saw filer and worked in lumber camps all over the place , but Mom said he never missed one christmas with them and he always brought Mom home a doll for christmas and she remembers him bringing her home an Eaton Beauty doll, so this doll must have been very special to MOM. So I am going to add this photo in my family tree book.
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