Friday, February 29, 2008

Hello everyone, today it is bitterly cold,and more snow expected .As I was looking for old photos for my latest project which I will tell you about a bit later in this blog, I came across our winter of 1992, so I am going to share this photo, taken after the storm, must have been sometimes in February,since a friend of my late husband sculptured the heart, but we did have so much snow back then, my late husband is the little man on the right side. He is the one who had Alzheimers I told you about earlier. I really hope we do not have another storm like that one.Although if I was young again, I could make a tunnel or a fort and have a snowball fight. smile.
Now to change the subject, I can now tell you what I have added on my website. I have added pages about our Acadian,Cajun, French Canadian ancestors over the age of 95. I am still willing to add more if you have some to share with me,such as newpaper articles, photos, if they are still living or passed away,their obits etc. I am proud of my pages. Since I began searching I was amazed at how many lived to be so old, so I do hope you will drop in and read their stories or obits, you can also reach me if you have some stories you want to share, go to click on Amazing Seniors and enjoy. I want to thank some of my members who have shared their stories and love ones with me, Effie,Maria,Maureen,Jackie,Melina,Michele,Paul L and Paul N (hope I haven't missed anyone).If some of you can add more to what I have already added please let me know.
Thanks for the visit ,do come again
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