Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is in the air, because when you take a drive and see the deer in the fields, then you can be sure it won't be long before it arrives. This photo was taken near Sussex in New Brunswick Canada. I received more photos than this one, with more deer. I remember my late husband and I used to go for a ride on Good Fridays, and we would go up the Cole Islands Road going towards Fredericton, well the first time I saw so many deer I couldn't believe my eyes, one time we counted over fifty in one field. Unbelieveable .The first time I saw them, they were a ways out in the field, I said to my Gerry, look at all the cows haha. He replied Aline those are deer. I said wild ones? He said yep. Then I was anxious to go see them again and again. I imagine the deer had a hard time this winter with all the snow we had, they were easy prey for the coyotes .
On another note, I would like to let you know ,I have and am adding some photos on my ancestor photo gallery at www.acadian-roots.com .One of my genealogy group members is sharing them with me for all of you to see , and if you recognize any of the photos and can identify who we cannot then please contact me? I am adding some in Barb's Album and the unknown album, for instance she has a Lucie a beautiful lady from Moncton New Brunswick, that is all we know, so she is in our unknown album. She has photos from Kent County and Westmorland county among her photos ,so check out the album often just in case.
I have added some marriages and deaths from the Cap Pele parish records on my acadian-roots.com website. Go to parish records, and to the drop down menu, Cocagne is also new.
I am working on some more additions and will keep you posted as they are done. Cap Pele and Cocagne are in New Brunswick in Canada, many of you may have some ancestors from these areas. I am still looking little stories on Acadians,Cajuns, or French Canadians who lived to be old and has a story to tell. I would love stories about people over 95. If you have some and photos and obits to share please let me know.
Thank you for dropping by to visit me, I alway enjoy your company.
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