Saturday, March 22, 2008

Well I awoke this morning with all these things running through my head, I have to do this and I have to do that, so every morning I begin by making a pot of tea and some instant coffee for me. So I boiled my water, and prepared the coffee in a cup, at the same time I am thinking of what I am going to do today for my group and for my blog, so the water is boiling, so I hurry to pour my water into my coffee, next I go to the fridge for the milk, take out the carton and start pouring, OH NO! this is not milk, it is Orange Juice. So I had a cuppa coffee double milk, double sugar and part orange juice. grin.
Now I have things to share today, first of all I have added some marriages from the Rogersville New Brunswick parish records,there are quite a few ,but not complete, if you go to click on Acadian Marriages you will see Rogersville. I hope it will help you.
And I have added a lot more photos in my photo gallery on the same website, one of my members Barbe had a lot of photos that she is sharing, many are unknown, some are from the Shediac Area, Moncton Area, Richiboucto Area and maybe PEI, so if you have time check them out to see if you can identify any. They are somehow connected to the Blanch,Boleyn families either friends or relative.
I have received many emails saying that they enjoyed my What is a Cajun page, I am pleased .
For the ones who do not know, I also have lots of Cemeteries on my website, some I did myself others I had permission to add.I have some from PEI, some from Nova Scotia and many from New Brunswick .
I was going to add a note regarding our Bergeron Reunion next year but I will save it for another blog because there has been some new developments.
So until then , have a great day, and remember " make sure you do not take a carton of orange juice instead of milk. grin.

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