Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hello everyone, well good news, we found my nephew ,well I did not find him ,someone saw one of his messages, so he replied to my email and he is fine. That is one thing less to worry about. I told his parents, sent them his email address. I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions, and for also searching . So now Case Closed.
Today we went to the spring, and got some water. The weather was very cooperative, mild, melting so a very nice day. There is usually always someone ahead of us at the spring, today there were two cars. The spring is at the bottom of a mountain, so the water has lots of rocks to filter it before it gets to the bottom.
Speaking of water ,it reminded me of a note I received from a friend.It was about a lady who was on a boat, and she took sick and died. When they investigated they found it was due to a can of soda or pop. Apparently she drank from the can itself and it had rat droppings on the can and the can was not washed. It makes sense because the cans of food and pop are stored in warehouses, and rats and mice usually invade these places and they are all over the cans. So the advice on the message I got, was alway, always wash off the tops of the cans before opening. Now that I heard about this, I will only drink from a straw. We never know what we are eating or drinking, it is a scary situation and something to think about.
On this note I will say , thank you for the visit, always glad to see you. Have a great day. Aline

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