Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What can one find in a second hand shop or store? Well I must tell you, that sometimes you can find things that you do not expect. A few days ago, I went in to a second hand store with my friend. First I want to share this with you and I will get back to my story. My niece is always so well dressed, she is tall and looks attractive. She lives in Ontario, one time while I was visiting her, we went out shopping and she took me to a place called Value Village, well all I saw was racks of clothes, all kinds, I watched my niece, and she would say oh this one is a designer label, this is an expensive line of clothing. Well I did not know one from another, I used to shop at KMart once, grin. Anyway she picked me up an all weather coat ,label was London Fog. It looked so nice, she then told me she went to work, she worked in an office and the girls would all say to her, where do you get the nice clothes? She replied at VVs, where is that? they asked. Value Village she answered. But as I said she knew what to shop for. Now getting back to my story, I went in there a few days ago, and saw a book corner, well I went there and began looking, I found a book called Acadian Silhouettes, bought it. Well inside it has biographies of Acadian Women. You must have heard of La Saguine? she is a character in a play about an Acadian Scrubwomen, she is played by an actress called Viola Leger. I was amazed at her biography, she was born in the USA, her parents were from New Brunswick, she was also a teacher. When I think of her I think of La Saguine. In the book also is the biography of the writer of La Saguine Antonin Maillet. She has written many books and she was born in Bouctouche New Brunswick. So if you do not go to second hand stores, drop in once in a while, check out their books. I will be doing so from now on, The book I bought is in perfect condition. And it has photos of the ladies in the book. You can be sure I will check out the books from now on.
I am still working on my St Charles Amherst Cemetery index, I am moving along quite well, I am on my last page . I also have another senior to add in my senior page when I can. I also want to thank everyone who is encouraging me to go on with my blogs, I did not know so many of you were reading them. This makes me feel good , to know I am giving you something to read that you enjoy. For the ones of you who told me they cannot answer these blogs, I think if you go to the bottom of the blog you will see comment, you click it and a window opens, you type in the window and click send or Ok, I forget what it says. Anyway thanks for the lovely visit, have a great day, hello to my friends Jean and Harry in Scotland, and to my cousin Eve and Cindy, I see all of you. grin.
Have a great day everyone reading this blog,

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