Friday, November 30, 2007

Walking in a winter wonderland ,I don't think I would like to walk along that highway. The photo was taken by Roger Cormier, and it is the road between Bouctouche and Cocagne. Brrrr. This makes us aware that we need to take out our woollen socks , gloves, mittens and hats. I went to a second hand shop, and they had books and I started browsing through them. I saw the word Acadie, wow, I looked through the book and it is all photos taken by Roger Cormier. Name of the book is Images de L'Acadie. I asked what the cost was. Two dollars, well! let me tell you I picked it up some fast. The images are beautiful, and they are from all over, Egmont Bay, Beaumont,Meteghan,Sainte Marie de Kent, Dalhousie,Salmon River, Edmundston, Pre D'En Haut and more. There are clam diggers, fisherman, farmers. I am so pleased with the book.
On another note, well I did a bit more decorating, and then I went to see my Mom,again I received something I was excited about getting. A new Calendar with old photos of Moncton, when the Kent theatre burned, when the Notre Dame de Grace Church burned in Parkton, and more. So today was a great day for me.
I will share some of these photos with you at a later time, (if I don't forget. smile).
Tomorrow we begin the month of December, soon it will be the holidays. I enjoy going into the stores and hearing Christmas Music. Now if the lineups at the checkups would not be as long I would be a happy lady. haha.
I have not done to much genealogy, I added a few more names to my Chartersville Cemetery. After the holiday I will think of something new to add.
So thank you again for the lovely visit, I do know of some of you who drop by everyday. Have a great day.

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