Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello, it has been a few days since my last blog, and I came across this tidbit I would like to share with you. I found this at the Provincial Archives.
The Hillsboro "Advocate" states that there are now living at Dover (West. Co.) Peter GUTRO and his wife, aged respect-ively 106 and 101. They have been married over 80 years and during that time resided in that place. They are neither bed ridden nor feeble and able to move about and enjoy them- selves. The number of their descendants is 300. The date was January 1864.
Can you imagine living to be over 100? In Saint Louis Kent County, there were many who lived to be very old. I don't know if it was what they ate, or how they lived that prolonged their life to such a ripe old age. I do know that in Saint Louis fish and pork were their main foods. (maybe it is the poutines and rappure that contributed to their longivity, smile).
Sometimes it seems to run in the family ,some seem to live longer than others.My both grandfathers died young, one was 56 ,and one was around 61. I remember my father saying, well I outlived my father. Dad died at the age of 94 so he had a long life.Since I have been going to cemeteries and transcribing from cemeteries, I notice how so many of our ancestors and relatives died so very young. I guess back then there were many diseases to fight, such as TB, Typhoid Fever,Dipteria,Cholera etc. It must have been to tragic for the parents of those loved ones, can you imagine losing two or three or your children in a very short while? But getting back to living old, my great great grandmother Marie Blanche Breau was old when she died, her obituary said she was the oldest resident in Notre Dame de Kent at that time. My Dad told me he remembered her, he remember she had lots of facial hair, he called it Mousse on her face.
Well I have added another cemetery on my site, thanks to Rick. I added the Maccan Cemetery, it is not an Acadian Cemetery but there are a few Acadians buried there or listed there. I have also added more names onto my Chartersville Cemetery,as you know that is a huge cemetery. And I also have added something new to my site, I added a site for you to send Acadian Postcards to your love ones, I received permission to do this, and I am pleased to have the cards on my site, I do hope you will check out the cards, they are created from paintings by Mr Surette. Thank you so much for the lovely visit and I do hope you will drop in again. Have a great day. Hi to cousin Eve.

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