Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well what can I say, this is our first winter storm. Last night we went to a Christmas Party, yep a Christmas Party given by my hairdresser. We arrived there around 830 pm it was just light flurries at the time. We had a nice time, they had a super lunch, they had salads,sandwiches, sweets, cheeses ,pickles, a very nice table. And they had prizes and I won one, I won a gift certificate for a new hairdo. I was pleased,especially since the holidays are near. We left there around 1130 pm, and I couldn't believe how much snow had fallen. The snow was heavy and wet. I figured that the snow would stop then, but no way. This morning I awoke to this. That is my car, and I have to clean it. sob sob. So this is a wake up call. To get out our shovels, mittens, boots,and get our cars ready for winter,which I have not done so far.
Did I ever tell you about the harsh winters my mom had when she was young? She said one time there was so much snow that her brother and her had to dig a tunnel to get to the shed to get some wood. And one time they could not open the door because of the snow and the neighbor had to come and shovel them out.
I also read somewhere that some of our ancestors would tie a line going from their home to their barns in order not to lose their sense of direction due to the blowing snow and high winds, they had to get to the barn to feed their animals and to do their chores, the animals had to be taken care of, no matter how bad the weather was. It sure must have been hard for our ancestors, they had no shovels nor plows nor snowblowers ,they were not as lucky as we are today.
But there is a good side of all this snow, it puts me in a christimassy mood. smile.
Have a great day

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