Friday, November 23, 2007

Well soon all the ones who travelled to join their families for the Thanksgiving holdays will be returning home. I saw on the television the busy airports and the traffic. I do hope everyone had a lovely time.
In Canada our Thanksgiving was earlier, so we are gearing up for the Christmas Holiday. I decided to put up my tree,"yes put up my tree in November grin" ,anyway my brother gave me his tree , he bought another one, and I sold mine in a yard sale. So I opened the box, ohhhhh a lot of branches, what goes where? I know the poles go together,so I did that first, intructions, where are the instructions? Oh here they are. Put the red color coded branches first. Ok ,so I sorted all the colors, red, white,black,yellow,blue,grey. There was one branch, no color. hmm. Ok I shall put the branches in the pole, Well I finished putting the color coordinated branches on the tree,But when I finished, I still had this branch with no color left over.Either I missed a hole or it did not belong with the tree. Now here I have all my decorations on the sofa, where is my tree top? Cannot find it. Did I throw it in my sale? So now, my tree is in the corner, with no tree top,I cannot trim the tree without my tree top. So I will have another look around, if I do not find it, I will go get another one.
Our Christmas parade is this saturday, I am hoping to attend. I love parades,and I love the holidays.
On another note, well my Moncton Nostalgia was a good idea. I have received many emails saying it brought back many memories of long ago. So I am pleased to have done so.
I am still adding names to my Chartersville Cemetery,and I notice some people have registered in my photo gallery, I do hope to see new photos by them posted in the gallery. I think it is a great idea to add old photos of our ancestors and for others to do the same, it is a way to share our photos with one another, that way if we lose the photos somehow, others have them and they won't be lost forever.
When my mother in law passed away, we went through her photos, she had old photos, with no names, so we never knew who they were, that is so sad.I believe old photos are part of our history and genealogy, it makes our ancestors more real to us, seeing faces along with names.
My genealogy group is going very well, I am very pleased with them, many are helping others with their research,some older members have returned to our group, it is great having them back. So if any of you do not know about our group, go to my website at and join our group, it is free and we are a very great bunch. As I said I am very proud of everyone of them.
Have a great day

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