Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our snow is gone,(for the moment),but today it is windy. I am looking out my window and the tree at the front is swaying back and forth. Brrr. But I think we are very lucky in our part of the world, look at Bangladash and all those loss of lives because of the cyclone. How devastating it must be living under the conditions that they are living today. Homes all gone, love ones gone, or injured,roads washed out. My heart goes out to all of these people and their loves who are waiting for news. I do hope that there will be some tears of joy among the tears of sorrow for many of them.
Well I am still working on my Chartersville Cemetery, I keep adding every day, I do know it will benefit many of you. I feel that even if I add only ten names, that is ten names that someone out there may need .So I shall continue sharing with you, what I have. I believe I told you I have added access to Acadian Postcards on my website, I think that was a good idea, because how many out there did not know of this great Acadian Postcard site, Cajuns can also send Acadian Postcards to their loved ones. A Merry Christmas on an Acadian Postcard would be very nice to send during the Holidays.So go to my website click on Acadian Postcards and send as many as you want to.
To end todays blog here is an interesting article from a book that was given to me many years ago of Saint Louis Kent County.
Each village or locality needs men for an important trade "Blacksmith". Saint Louis had the advantage to have some without interuptions and they were as talented and they were devoted. They were Mister John Orr, Bernard Gorman, Auguste Leger, Hubert Gallant, Adolphe Landry, Roderick McDonald, Simon Mazerole, Gilbert Gallant, Basile Daigle, Charles Dutney, James Hennessey, Aime LeBlanc, Job Allain, Jean Daigle, Joseph F Richard, Hubert McGraw, and Francois Babineau.They say that the blacksmith shop of Francois Babineau is now the only Blackmith between Saint Antoine and the Miramichi River. Now this was way back. Are there any of your ancestors among these men?
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Unknown said...

Hi, I was drawn to your post looking to see if there was anything out there on my grandfather. Francois Babineau was my grandfather and he has many grandchildren but none that followed in his footsteps. A few of his grandchildren are in engineering type jobs and in business. I can still recall seeing him turn simple pieces of metal into various tools and horse shoes.

alineskee said...

Hi Pete, didn't find anything about your grandfather but the book may not go to those years.