Monday, November 05, 2007

Well the storm is over, and we did not get what we had expected. I am pleased with that, but it is still always good to be prepared because one day we may really have a bad storm or hurricane.
Well I decided to add the Chartersville Road Cemetery on my site, well I am adding some of the cemetery anyway. I have added over 1000 names so far. And now I needed a picture to add on my page, so yesterday (after the storm) we took a drive to the cemetery. We did not go into the cemetery but I took a few pictures from the road. One of the pictures I really liked, so i have added it on my page. For the ones of you who do not know about this cemetery,well at first in Moncton, the people were buried in the old Shediac Road Cemetery, and then the new cemetery on Chartersville Road in Dieppe was built. The old Shediac Road Cemetery is now full, there are to be no more burials there. The Chartersville Road Cemetery is called Our Lady of Calvary (Notre Dame du Calvaire) and it is a really big cemetery. I had written them into three notebooks, I have added one of the three books, there are still two more to go. I will add them at my leisure. When I have the second book onto my page I will let you know.There are tombstones that I do not have from the cemetery, so if you have love ones in that cemetery and you do not see them on my page, it will not mean that they are not there, it will only mean I do not have them. I have up to 2003 so there are still 4 more years not done. Maybe I will attempt to do them at a later date. I did not transcribe the ones that I have myself. I was given the CD from a friend Mister Francis LeBlanc who took photos of the stones. So I took the names from the stones and wrote them all in my three books, that way it is easier to add to my site.
So I do hope that many of you will find some of your ancestors .
I have received an email from P'tit Francois and he told me he has been busy and was going on vacation and he will get to doing the translating from french to english for his stories. So if you cannot speak or read french, check once in a while to see if they have been translated yet.
I hope you all have a great day. Thank you for the visit, do come again.

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