Saturday, November 10, 2007

Remembrance Day,since tomorrow is Remembrance Day, we should remember our loved ones, who fought for us, for our countries, for liberty. Over the years there were many battles fought, many battles won and many lost battles. So tomorrow I would like to suggest that you go online and read about the following battles and wars. Check out the French and Indian War of 1640, Battle of Port Royal in 1690 and 1710, Battle of Quebec 1690, Battle of Hudson Bay 1697, Queen Ann War 1702, Raid on Canso 1744, First Siege at Louisbourg 1745, Battle of Grand Pre in 1747, French and Indian War 1754-1963, Battle of Fort Beausejour, War of Independence, Civil War, Metis Rebellion, Boer War, War of 1812, Vietnam War, Korean War World Wars one and two, Iraq War, Afghanistan etc.

Many men were involved in these wars, and many lost their lives, there were Privates, Seamen,Airforce men, Footsoldiers,, Corporals, Lieutenants, Sargents,Soldier ,Platoon Sargents, Colonel,Commander in Chief,Gunner, Flagcarriers, Drummers, Medics, Nurses,Chaplains,Journalists, Captains,etc.

We must also remember the veterans who survived these wars, they have suffered , they have bad memories, and good memories. They all fought for a cause.Many came back injured.

Our Acadian Ancestors fought in Battles, Fort Beausejour,Port Royal, Grand Pre, in World War one and two,the Civil War, War of Independence.

Take a moment to remember all the ones who went to war, be they Acadians,Canadians,Americans,British,Native American,many loved ones were lost ,many mothers cried. Wars touched so many lives, if we could only imagine one family with loved ones at war. The anguish, the worrying, the crying.


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