Thursday, November 01, 2007


I opened the newspaper last Monday, and I could not believe my eyes. This moose had ventured in the north end of the city. He caused some damage before being tranqualized. He damaged a police cruiser, fences, rain gutters. He was seen shortly before 11 am. Anyway they had to tranqualize him, and he did not survive, he was probably scared to death. This reminds me of something my late husband once told me. In the 1940s he had gone to Montreal to find work, and he was staying at this rooming house, and the lady of the house,(Mrs Vandal) asked him if there were many animals roaming the streets down here. She thought that this place was in the bushes. Now if she could open her eyes she would probably say; " I knew it, I knew it". grin. No one knows where the moose came from, nobody got hurt. But it sure must have made a lot of headlines in the neighborhood, since he was going up and down the streets and in and out of back yards. (Maybe he was just out looking for a new Gal ,smile).
Well I have been working on my website, I added some marriages for Tracadie Nova Scotia, as you know there is a Tracadie New Brunswick and a Tracadie in Nova Scotia. I rearranged my sidebar, so it will be easier to navigate.
I am still waiting for P'Tit Francois to do some translation for me so that I can add more stories, but he has been a bit busy, so please have patience, he will get to it as soon as he is able.
We drew our names for our christmas gift exchange, so now comes the fun of looking for something to send. And speaking of Christmas, we went into a store yesterday and the trees are all decorated, the store was decorated and some of the workers still adding christmas stuff.
Our christmas parade is scheduled for November the 24th.
Well thank you so much for stopping by. I always enjoy having guests. Have a great day

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