Saturday, November 24, 2007

Our christmas parade was held tonight, and I have been wanting to go see it. It was five pm so I said to my friend let's go now, He said well it is too early but we went anyway. Let's go park our car in the Tim Horton Coffee shop, and we can see the parade from our car. Off we went, got to the coffee shop, no room in the parking lot, so we kept on looking for a parking place. We finally found one.While waiting for the parade we decided to walk down our main street to the nearest coffee shop. Well let me tell you it was cold, and I mean cold. The weather man said it was minus 6 with the winds it was minus 14. So we got our coffee and headed back to my car. We sat there until the parade started. So we went to the side of the road to see the parade, I had my camera, and at first no problem ,but it got so cold, my fingers could not press the button hard enough on my camera, the batteries went dead. Oh me Oh My. I managed to take a few photos anyway. The crowd was huge. Parents had their children bundled in blankets ,snowsuits and mittens.They had a beautiful parade, with marching bands ,floats so well decorated, clowns,dogs ,horses, motorcycles. But what I found to be so nice and it is done every parade, was the volunteers who walked along the edge of the crowd picking up food for the needy.They had little carts and people would put their food in the cards. Very nice idea. After the parade was over, my feet were frozen, my hands cold as ice, grin but I would do it all over again, because I love parades. The traffic was unbelievable on our way home, bumper to bumper.
I also noticed tonight that homes had their christmas lights lit up . Just think about it, one month from today will be Christmas Eve.
On another note, my grandson was here today and we went out window shopping, it was fun, we were looking at games, and he would say I don't have this, I like this, oh look at this. So now I have an idea on what to get him. I wanted to share the parade with you. Hope you enjoyed my ordeal, grin.
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