Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well I hear that there is snow falling in various locations of Canada, so soon it will be here. I would like to see it snow on Christmas Eve and then go away. grin.
Today I went shopping, got a few things. I then came home and gift wrapped my parcels going out of town. So all I need to do is address them and wait until it is time to post them. I want to make sure everyone gets their gift on time.
Well I have added quite a few names on my Chartersville Road Cemetery, I believe I have over 1000 names added so far and I shall continue to do what I have set my mind in doing. I am certain that many of you out there are benefitting from what I am adding to our site.
And I have decided that my next project I do will be kept secret until I have completed it and added it to my site. It will make it more interesting for me, and it will be a surprise for you.
I am still working on my Leger's. I am now waiting for an obituary, and a photo of a tomstone from out west. The results are looking good. This is for a christmas gift for about ten different people from the same family. Next I may make a family tree for my ex sister in law who just lost her Mom a month or two ago. She would really appreciate it. So if you have someone and you do not know what to give them for christmas? Give them a bit of their history.
Have a great Day and thanks for stopping by

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