Thursday, November 29, 2007

I never burned my pies. whew, These are my chicken pies, two for the holidays and one little one for today. I wasn't going to make them this year but the temptation was too great to resist.
I first tasted chicken pies before I was married so many many years ago, grin. My late husband used to go to some friends of his every christmas eve and they had chicken pies. One paticular christmas eve he took me over. Well the pies were delicious, so I asked for the recipe, and continued making them myself. I will freeze them, and reheat them when needed.
Now my son loves my rappee pies so I am going to make a couple ,probably early christmas eve or the day before. One for my son and one for us.
The weather is colder today, I believe snow is not far away, since Ontario got some. So it is now time to get out our mittens and hats.
I am all done my Leger project for Christmas giving, and I am nearly finished the one for my ex sister in law. She will be pleased since she just lost her mom a few months ago. I obtained a nice photo of her Mom and it will be on the front page of her book, I also obtained a photo of her and her sister when they were young, I found some photos of the tombstone of her great grandfather which I have also added. Christmas Eve , we all gather at my Mom's, so I will give her the book then.
I have mailed all my parcels and my christmas cards yesterday, another chore done. I have finished trimming my tree, it is not a perfect job, but it does make it look more like the holidays.
I have one gift under it right now, from my friend Maria. Now it is shopping time. If I lived in a big city where there are so many homeless folks, I think I would pick up either gloves or scarves or socks and just give them out. I feel sad for so many of them .
Well now it is time for me to make my banana breads, so thanks for the visit, it did give me a chance to sit and chat with you.
Have a great day and do come again.

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Bin sent labon dans ta cuisine...
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