Sunday, December 02, 2007

No photo today, all I could show you would be snow,snow and more snow, groan,smile, and tomorrow and Tuesday guess what? Yep,more snow.
Well I must share this with you, it is not genealogy related tho. Yesterday my friend and I went for a coffee at our favorite coffeee shop"Tim Horton", and I told him to order this time, I will sit down. So I wanted a cinnamon roll and a coffee. I was just sitting there ,and my mind was drifting to other things, and the coffee shop was full. All of a sudden I heard this big loud yell. "ALINEEEEEEEE".Well let me tell you I sure jumped. I said "Are you trying to make me take a heart attack?"
Well all the people in Tim Horton's burst out laughing. And I guess my friend had yelled in a lower voice before and I never heard him. The reason he yelled was to let me know they were all out of cinnamon rolls. smile.
And you know sometimes we don't always look our best, and if any of you remember the bowery boys of long ago, and Alfalfa with his hair sticking in the air? Well I looked like that, so I did not want anyone to notice. haha.
Tomorrow I am going to the genealogy center, if the weather permits, I have some lookups to do for some of my genealogy group.I do hope I can help all of them find what they want.
In closing for today, please visit my site click on Christmas and this comes from me to all of you.
Have a great day, thanks for dropping by.

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