Wednesday, April 19, 2006

well today I did not have my teecoff but a nice cup of hot tea is nice, I drink mine black, can you imagine that I used to drink my tea when I first began drinking it with three sugar and three cream? The reason I quit was way back then I began gaining weight and it was suggested to me to drink my tea black, the first time I tried it to me it tasted so bitter,now I am contented with it.
looking through my book of Sainte Marie, I found something to share,because it brought back memories of other things.
When the first settlers arrived in Sainte Marie de Kent, there were no doctors,so they had to make do with what they could gather using some of their parents or grandparent's knowledge, for instance they used the bark, branches,and buds of the fir tree they made medecins to heal sore throat,cuts,sore backs, colds,asthma, ulcers etc.with the elderberries they made ointments for cuts,wild cherry tree aided in giving you your appetite back after or during the flu.They used different trees and different plants to their advantage.They used potatoes as a poltice or patch for warts, turnips for sore throats,the next one I remember my mother in law using, it was goose grease for hair loss, in the book it says they used bear grease or beef fat,chicken grease helped with the chicken pox and the list goes on,
some of those old medecins had to work because some of our ancestors lived to a ripe old age.
Now I remember growing up , my mother made mustard patches, when we had colds and fevers, and she used to use walkins medicated ointment for everything, for colds she used to rub our chest with the ointment and put some under our nose, it worked. For a splinter or a boil, she soaked bread in milk and put the bread on the splinter or boil and cover it with bandage or gauze and it would draw the splinter out and bust the boil. She used peppermint , camfyre ,ginger, for other uses that I cannot remember but I remember her saying ginger is good for this, etc. So to end my blog today I would just like to say , it sure is nice to remember the past , but the greatest joy I have is knowing someday my descendants will be able to read some of my memories or memories passed down to my by my ancestors.
have a great day.

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