Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Did you ever try to do too many things at a time? well I am here laughing at myself, I awoke thinking of my day and what I need to do, and what to add to my blog, so I am walking around in the kitchen, making my tea to have near my computer room, so I filled the teapot, nice hot tea, and my mind is still going strong on my day, so that is fine, the tea is made the teapot on the counter waiting to be brought upstairs, but I feel like having a cuppa coffee first, I use nescafe intant (goes faster lol) so I put the coffee in the cup, added my sugar and instead of taking water from the kettle right next to the teapot, I grabbed the teapot, filled my coffee cup with the tea, so now I am having a cuppa teecoff haha.
The following is taken from my family tree info.
When Mom was young , she lived in the country and as you read before ,she had to walk a dirt road to attend school, well when spring arrived she and her siblings were anxious to walk to school barefeet, so on their way to school they would remove their shoes and stockings and walk to school in their bare feet, and when they got near the school, put them back on, and they would do the same on their way home. I remember my father in law telling me that his grandfather lived in sainte marie kent county new brunswick , his name was Meleme Cormier and he used to walk from Sainte Marie to Bouctouche (which was a long walk) and he would do the same, take off his shoes until he neared Bouctouche and put them on while he was there, remove them on his way back, but his reason was different , his was because he wanted to save his shoes, my father in law told me his grandfather told him that he remembered wearing rags wrapped around his feet as shoes. I think we are very lucky not to have to have gone through all that.
have a nice day.

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