Monday, April 17, 2006

In 1993 while i was doing a lot of digging for my roots, I contacted a great uncle on my mother's side, he was in his mid nineties at the time, he was an old hermit ,lived by himself with his cows , horses,when I was little I remember going to his old farm (this was elsewhere) and as I said he lived alone but he was educated, and at his farm he raised different color peacocks, pheasants, he told me once he had sent for a white deer and when he got it , it got away and he never found it again , he said it mated with the other deer. He always had his doors open in his house and I will never forget going inside, he used the same cup for his tea day in and day out, there were chickens in his house , they walked in and out . I said to myself , gee I won't eat here. heh heh.
Getting back to the beginning of this blog, my great uncle mentioned a friend of his that lived in the states and he had given her some photos, a bell went off in my head "photos???? So I contacted this lady in the usa, she was in massachussetts, and we started corresponding, I did her family tree for her, I had this blank tree that I filled in, she put it on her wall, anyway one day I received a letter from her, in the letter she wrote " this is no good to me, Larry sent it to me , I am giving it to you. It was an old telegram dated 1893 (notice I begin this letter with 1993 well the telegram was the original one sent to my grandfather's father saying his father had died. Can you imagine how excited I was??? I made photo copies for all my family and some relatives, took the original telegram down to the genealogy archives and gave it to them, I figured that it is a great find and I wanted other generations to be able to see it.
Now I need a nice cuppa of something hot tea or coffee and back to my project.
Have a nice day.

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