Saturday, April 15, 2006

I awoke to the sound of the birds chirping , the sun is up, so far I have only seen the robins, and a pheasant. There are rabbits in the woods just across the field and it is so nice to see them come out of the woods, they are some huge and changing their fur color to brown now. I am a city girl with a love for country and wild animals, I just love going for a drive seeing a deer in the fields,had a visitor the other day a little grey squirrel decided to come and say hello, when he saw the two dogs he left like a shot of lightning.
I had told you yesterday about the extra question in this years canadian census,well I took it a step further and sent an email to the transcript reminding people to say yes to releasing the info, hope they publish it.
now for a little history on Saint Gregoire New Brunswick ,from the book of saint gregoire.
The village of Saint Gregoire was known as Doherty's Mill from 1822 to 1892, it is
situated on the south side of little Bouctouche River formerly Madagouiac.
It forms a part of Saint-Jean Baptiste parish of Bouctouche New Brunswick in Canada except for the village of up above where six families are living on Renaud Mills which forms part of Saint Antoine (which had a resident priest in 1940)
In the parish census of 1885 it shows there were 25 families living in Saint Gregoire (named in honor of Gregoire Cormier born around 1793 in Memramcook NB married to Madeleine Babineau oct 18,1814.
The four founders of Saint Gregoire were Israel Cormier born around 1794 married to Marguerite Robichaud in 1818, Michel Cormier married to Appoline Robichaud 1822, Gregoire Cormier married to Madeleine Babineau 1814 and
Sylvain Bastarache married to Henriette Richard 1852.
note Sylvain Bastarache had a son William who lived with his family in the house he inherited from his father . William Bastarache had two sons albert who was single, cripple and who used to sell cigarettes to the neighbors and another son who went and lived in the usa.
Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit ,
have a nice day.

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