Thursday, April 27, 2006

April is nearly over, when we are young we never notice how time flies,now it seems we are only up for a short time then it is time to go back to bed. My little rabbits are still coming out to eat, this morning i put out some cabbage pieces, some celery pieces, some peelings. They usually come out around supper time.
I haven't seen any deer yet, and I hung one of my bird feeders up, I want to buy some niger seeds for the little finches also.
Well to change the subject, a friend of mine told me to type in my name in googles and I tried it, "wow" many things came up , my website came up, my yahoo group came up, some things I have at the genealogy center came up. I am very proud of my acadian genealogy group, we are like one big family, and the members are so very helpful when they can help others, so I believe that they too are addicted to genealogy as I am. (smile). As for my website, I am also very proud of my work there, I keep trying to add new stuff. I have message boards, links , obits, some census, am even trying an acadian recipe board,I have a link to my group in my website too, and just in case someone is reading this who is interested in genealogy (mostly acadian/cajun) here is the link

have a great day

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