Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another warm day announced for today, but we are also going to have rain along with the warmth. A sure sign of summer is when the country take outs open, and I noticed our ice cream stand has opened in saint antoine, I enjoy stopping for an ice cream on a sunday drive. The take outs usually all open the long weekend of May, that is when many folks open their cottages also.
The garden supplies are all out, you drive by the stores,they have all their soils and manure piled outside the stores. Ah yes a sure sign that summer is near.
Today I want to share something with you that I know I have told many of you, but since this blog reaches new folks I know you will enjoy this; As I said before I am into genealogy, one day I was looking through land grants for some tidbits regarding my parents, my mom told me that in those days, the government granted you land and in order for you to keep the land you had to clear so many acres. Anyway Mr Brun from the genealogy center noticed I was looking in Gallagher Ridge , he asked what I was looking for and I told him, he was very interested and he said to me how long ago was that? I said well my oldest sister was only a baby so around 1935 or 1936, he then said come here and see this video clip (an old movie) which I did go look, on the film were a lot of poor looking houses and I mean poor, and I seen this lady , she was not bad dressed and I thought gee that looks like my mom, but said nothing, the houses were all covered in tar paper, the kids were barefeet, but in a corner was this log house, covered in tar paper but it looked nice, and at the window I saw this cow. Mr Brun and I laughed at that, but I did not recognize anyone, I told Mr Brun, "my mom may know someone" he said bring her in to see.
So I went to my Mom's told her what I saw, but not about the cow. she said well the old lady is either mrs Hebert or old Mrs Chase, she continued while we were there we had a COW and she said every morning that cow came to our bedroom window and you would swear she was saying Edmooooooooooooooond Dad's name was Edmond, and Dad would say "she's calling me , i had better get up". When Mom came to identify the people, sure enough it was their house, their cow, their dogs, my mother,my father, my father's grandmother, and some of my father's aunts, others she didnt remember. Mom was sixteen or seventeen years old, she is now 88. They had a copy made for us on a CD, I copied enough copies to give to all my siblings and of course to my mother. What a treasure to have. See there are lots of good things to discover in genealogy.
have a great day.

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