Monday, April 24, 2006

Mother's Day soon will be here, my mom is lucky this year, her birth date falls on mother's day, she will be 88 and we are planning a surprise party for her, she keeps saying no one comes over to visit, (even if we do haha) so we are going to get as many of the family and friends as possible. My brother makes the nicest cakes so he will be making her cake making her believe it is for my sister in law's mother. It will be so nice getting together on a happy occasion, I have invited cousins, nephews, aunts, and as many friends of hers as possible. It should be a nice event. My mother came from around Saint Paul in New Brunswick and I came across this article from the Moniteur Acadien which was a newspaper dated 1873 and translated .
What courageous people can do
In Kent county about ten miles from Saint Mary's church is a lovely new village named Saint Paul, for seven years it had no name, nor any place name on the map of the province. What a change, what a idea of the willingness of man this gives us. Seeing that is such a short time, some men , ax in hand formed a parish 4 miles long, built 123 houses, barns etc, 3 or 4 mills,a store, a lovely church and other buildings, it seems unbelievable but it is true, because we have seen this with our own eyes last week.Everyone who has land in Saint Paul today are comfortable, but many of them when they arrived here had nothing else but just a few things to survive, they had no church and believed that they never would, so far so far they were from the nearest church.To complete the village they need a school and a teacher to teach the children to read and write, because opening in a few weeks will be the post office where the intelligent people of Saint Paul will come get their newspaper le Moniteur Acadien.

Just a note to end this, I lived on the outskirts of Saint Paul about three years ago, there is still a post office, a church, a store, a school. They have two stores the CoOp ( a grocery store), and a general store, they have a bank, so Saint Paul hasnt gotten very big , but Saint Antoine which isnt far from Saint Paul has flourished, they have more population than Saint Paul. But never the less , they are both lovely places, I sort of connect more with Saint Paul , since many of my ancestors lived there.
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