Friday, April 14, 2006

Regarding our census, I was reading in our newspaper that we will be asked for the first time if we agree to having our information revealed in 92 years from now, well as for myself I will say yes yes yes, even if I had some skeletons in my closet or had a child out of wedlock etc , I want my data revealed, because I know how hard it is to find information and I would not want my descendents having to do the same. so I would like to say to all of you reading this, please , please say yes on your form? 92 years from now how many of us will be here?
Now just a little story to share with you. My late husband told me stories about his youth and I have jotted them down and made a little book for my grandson and one of the stories he told me was when he was 17 years old he got his first car, his father got him a 1936 Ford, with a running board on the side , anyway my husband was so proud of the car , but his father was always looking out the front window , and he noticed my husband always parked the car on the roadside, and this was in the winter time, so he said to my husband " how come you never park in the driveway? My husband did not reply, so his father said IF you do not park the car in the drive way you lose the car. My husband said to me, " I got in the car and went around the block and I gave it all I could , hit the side of the snow bank and in the yard I went. So he said I enjoyed my car from that day on.
Have a nice day.

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