Friday, April 28, 2006

Well I went out and took the big step, the day before last I went out looking for a car, I decided on getting something that will get me to where I want to go, so I went to different dealers, checked out a cavalier, kia,they were nice , just not what I was looking for so I went to the Saturn dealer, and tried one out, the brakes did not seem right , tried another one and "Bingo", it was the right size, a 2002, air conditioned and all, so I bought it, took it home yesterday. It is light or silver gray. Before this one I had an old 91 lumina, what a difference.
Now on to genealogy, did you know that in the 1861 census in Canada they also had listed what our ancestors had for land etc? For instance one of my ancestors
named Augustin Bristol dit Williams had 260 acres of land, a farm worth $800.00, farm machinery worty twenty dollars, two hired hands. He also had two horses, one milking cow, 2 working oxen , 2 other cattle, four sheeps, two pigs and 300 pounds of slaughtered pork. He had twenty pounds of butter, eight pounds of wool, so many acres of hay, oats, buckwheat, potatoes. So Augustin must have been a well to do farmer in those days.
If any of you have ancestors who were in Canada in 1861 , check out what they had in their possession if you can. I add these little things to my genealogy, it is better than just saying Tom was a son of Joe who was a son of James isn't it?
have a great day.

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