Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hmmm green is a pretty color, creating a blog is like a new toy. I never thought I would be interested in blogging but the real reason is because I didn't think I was smart enough heh heh.
Well I finally finished a project I have been on for about three years , I went to the genealogy center and copied obits from the newspaper for the periods of 1935,1936,1937,1938 and 1939, total obits is between 1682 and 1684 . what a long process, then I copied them to a CD . These obits are all french surnames maybe a few irish who has acadians in their families.
Now I would like to share something else with you:
in 1885 my great grandfather lived in the country about 30 to 40 miles from Moncton and he and his brother used to take the train into moncton to buy their groceries, and they would get the groceries on credit and the owner would mark it into a log book, when I went to the genealogy center Mr. Regis Brun told me about it, since he knew who I was researching, anyway I looked into the log book and here are the things they bought and the prices they paid for them;
9 3/4 lbs pork and 5 lbs codfish = $1.37
3 figs tobacco = .39
4 3/4 lbs of pork and 1/2 gal molasses =.77
2 lbs beans, 2 figs tobacco, 2 lbs barley = 24
1/2 bushel potatoes 3 1/4 lb butter = $1.08
13 lbs codfish = .58
1 barrel flour and 9 1/2 lbs pork = $7.64
1/2 gallon molasses and 2 1/4 lb cheese = . 56
1 can lobster and 1 can oysters =.39 (mmmm wish i were there then )
2 dozen eggs, 1 lb tea and 5 lbs beans = .91
1/4 lb hops, 1/2 gal molasses and 1/4 lb ginger = .42

wonder what our dollar equal to theirs back then?

have a great day

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