Sunday, April 30, 2006

Memory is important, once we lose our memories they are gone, I believe that it is very important to keep some sort of a diary or log or even recordings of them. I know to many of you reading this you might say I can't be bothered, but no don't look at it that way, think about the people in the future who may just say what was Joe like? What was his favorite music? Where did he move to? I cannot find him anywhere? Would you believe I have jotted down the day my son got his first job, his first car, his first black eye? And even his first white hair? I wrote about our Sunday drives, on a trip to nowhere, and where we ended up? I wrote about the births of my grandchildren, and their birthday parties, I wrote about my mom and my dad, I wrote about my late husband (I am so glad I did this, because after my husband passed away of Alzheimer Disease, I made a little story book and gave it to my grandson about his PAPA.)
So my blog today is to try to get as many of you to do something similar, make scrapbooks, collect photos, (I have photos of my great grandparents that I would not part with ) .
I look in the cemeteries and I see all these names on tombstones and I wonder , what were these people's lives like? They had a life , they laughed , they cried, they hurt just like we do now. They should not be forgotten. Memories are a treasure to have and to keep.
Have a great day.

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