Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well hello, now I know someone is interested,and since this is my first blog ever and I haven't a clue if I am doing this correct or not I shall go on the way I am doing for now.
I have a lot of things going at the moment, and one thing is thinking of anything genealogy related to the acadiens or others who have acadien roots in their families.I keep wondering what could I do that would be important to others? what can I add that isnt on the internet yet? That is one thing.
Another thing is I am wondering how to go about publishing a song written by my late husband and a few of his friends, who have all since passed away. The song is written in acadian form and in Shiaque (which is half french , half english) and the song is cute. So that is another one of my projects .
Anyway I have been reading a lot of books related to genealogy and history lately and I was looking through a book I was given years ago on the history of Saint louis de Kent in New Brunswick and I found this
An ancient governor of Acadie, Richard Philipps said of the Acadians before they were exiled," they form a body that spreads throughout all the provinces like
the decendents of Noe, which many historians agree to.
In Saint Louis Isodore Barrieau had 26 kids, his brother Hilaire had 17 kids.
Jean Richard had 19 , Jacques Fontaine and Pierre Ouellet had 18, Joseph
Blanchard and Albeni Maillet had 17, Placide Babin ,Alphee Daigle,Francois
Babineau,Joseph Vautour,Laurent Vautour had 16,Arthur Vautour,Fred Vautour
and Joseph D Vautour had 15,Auguste Babineau,Jean Daigle,Oscar Doucet,
Fred Landry, Dominique Martin,Celime Vautour,Joseph F Vautour and Livain
Vautour had 14.
And the list goes on to 13 . The list totals to 699 kids , can you imagine? All these were just in a little village called Saint Louis De Kent. I have been there quite
often. Besides all the big families, many of these people lived to be in their 90 even 100 years of age.
have a nice day.

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