Saturday, December 08, 2007

Today I would like for you to visit this site;
This is Edith Butler, and if you browse the net you will find lots of her nice songs. The reason I am telling you this, is because Edith has given me permission personally to add one of her songs on my website at which I have added today, when you go to my website the page that opens with my poem has her beautiful song on it.I am honored to be able to have her song on my site. She has other beautiful songs that I love also. She is a very talented lady who comes from Paquetville New Brunswick. She has travelled many places to sing, and she is loved by all. I felt very good when she compliment my acadian-roots website and I am greatful to her for allowing me to add her song. If you type in Edith Butler in googles you will see lots of information about her and her music.She has a website . Merci Edith.
Now you know why I haven't written a blog, I was busy trying to find the best page for her song and I believe most of you will agree that the beginning of my site is the perfect place.
I am still working on different project and will tell you about them as they mature grin.
I went in the mall today, and the line ups at the cash is unbelievable, and it will be this way, up until the holidays are over, I am not finished my shopping yet, but have done quite a bit. I still have some baking to do, I want to make a rappure for my son (and keep some for me ).
Today I was given a suggestion by my friend to give my Mom a gift certificat, she is 89 and you can imagine that she has everything, so a gift certificat and a little something else is my goal for her gift. I do hope you are all doing ok with your christmas preparations, and I do hope you will all stay safe because after the holidays I want to see each of you here again, or in my acadianroots group, or my lists that I belong to.
Have a great day, thanks for the visit, hope you will come listen to Edith on my website.

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