Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello everyone, well I have just returned from my second home, yes my second home ,which is the Acadian Genealogy Center. I sure feel at home there. Strange as it seems, when I go there, I relax and enjoy all my researching. Sometimes I get lucky and find tons of stuff, other times I go and either I cannot concentrate because I try to look for too many things at once . grin. Today I looked for a few things some of my members asked me to try and find. Did not find anything today.
But I did find what I was looking for , to add to my website.
I spoke briefly to Mister Stephen White, I always enjoy our chats, even if they are only short. He always seems to make me smile for some reason . For example I asked a certain question and he replies with something comical.Iforget to ask him a question for one of my members regarding a priest or missionary's name. I will do that next time I go.
I was on the microfilms and some of the entries were in latin, well let me tell you, it took me about ten minutes to figure that Quinto was five. Rather than guess I will word it differently on my website.
Our genealogy group is doing good, I am hoping that more will join our group, Acadians,Cajuns,French Canadians, or even if you are English with some of your ancestors being Acadian,Cajun or French Canadian, come and join us. We try to help if and when we can and even if you just want to come in and help, that is fine.
Last night we went to my son's home, and on our way home, I noticed so many homes all decorated, some really do a great job, they put lights around their house, on their stairs, on their trees. They have Mangers, Santas,Reindeers, Candles, on their front lawns, Santa and his sleigh on their rooftops. I used to go with my late husband a few days before Christmas after dark just to see the decorated homes. I think we will do it again this year. I also used to love going to the midnight mass when it was held at midnight. I would have my turkey cooking, and after the mass, we would meet many of our friends on the church steps and wish each other happy holidays, and when we would get home, the smell of the turkey was in the air. We never opened our gifts until Christmas morning. And when our son was married and had his family , we would wait for them to come over so we could all open our gifts together. My wish for this year, is for no one to go hungry, and no one to be on the streets and get cold. It would be nice to have many choices for the homeless to have places to stay warm.
Thank you for stopping by, and please visit again.
Have a nice day

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