Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Remembering past Christmases . How many of you remember getting tons of christmas cards in the mail? I remember receiving close to 100 some years, and I would send as many . Back then it cost one cent to post a card, one cent can you imagine? It would be so nice if our post offices would allow us to do so again ,just for the christmas season. I was reading in the french paper l"etoile, about a lady who was over 100 years of age. She was discussing Christmas and she said they used to decorate the tree and add christmas cards all over the tree. I remember doing that when I was newly married. And then I would tape some cards all around the door frames. She continued saying they had a christmas stocking,(mine were long brown ones grin) and they were filled with fruits and candy. Mine used to have ribbon candy and a barley toy (candy),an apple, an orange, some nuts in their shells. Thinking back, my mother must have had a lot of work to do in preparing the stockings and wrapping gifts , we were seven children and Mom always had one or more living with us. But of course we never got many gifts as they do today. One from Mom and Dad, and Santa brought us each a gift.
I remember getting a pair of white figure skates on one Christmas. Boy I was excited. I went skating with them many times, of course I was a very poor skater, we had a costumed carnival one year, and I had the nicest costume, I thought for sure I would win a prize. Oh I won a prize all right. For being the worst skater. haha. I think I won a can opener that year.
I wonder how our ancestors way back celebrated the holidays, it is for sure they first went to church because they were very religious. I used to love going to the midnight mass at midnight, now they celebrate the mass earlier in the evening, I think there are some churches who do celebrate at midnight.
And some of our ancestors probably went to church in a horse and sleigh. There sure must have been rosy cheeks among them , especially in the cold weather.
I remember going on a sleigh ride one year, not for christmas but during the winter, we were around ten couples who decided to go, it turned out to be one of the coldest days of that winter, let me tell you , then when we all got at my place after the ride, we ate chicken fricot and had hot tea and coffee to warm us up.
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