Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nicknames, do you have one? Did your parents have one? Have you ever heard the nickname Popsey? Well that was the name I called my Dad for many years. I would just have to say Hi Popsey and it would bring a smile to his face. I never talk much about my Dad, that is because my father did not share too many things about his younger days with me. His memory was much like mine is. I can tell you that my Dad had a very nice personality, he was liked by many.And he was a good dancer, would you believe that the first time I danced with him was at my wedding. And later at my Mom's birthday party? I never even knew Dad could dance, I did know he played the harmonica and the jews harp. He could play the accordion too. And he would sing little tunes while rocking my baby brother.
My mom told me that when they were newly married, that there was this Mr Mills, who would have what they called a POUND party. Everyone who would go, would bring a pound of some kind of food. Then they had fiddle music, square dancing, tap dancing. And Mom said the house was usually full. It was strange when Mom spoke of this Mr Mills, because some of their children became friends of ours.
So getting back to nicknames,I am always looking for some nicknames given by the acadians/cajuns and french canadians. If you have some you would like to share with me, please let me know. I want to add them on my website so that others can see them.
Our winter storm has begun,it is snowing, and suppose to snow all through the night changing perhaps to freezing rain. I remember one storm we had ,it was an ice storm, and everywhere you looked the trees were frozen, it was pretty to see but the storm did a lot of damage,by breaking the tree branches, knocking some trees down, knocking out power for many days. So I hope we don't have another one of them. If you are in the middle of a winter storm, stay safe, stay warm.
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