Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who is the beautiful baby ? you ask. Well this beautiful little girl is my grandaughter, taken many years ago. She is all dressed up for Santa. smile. I later was blessed with a handsome little grandson. My late husband was an only son living and we only had one son, so when my grandaughter came along, I was overjoyed, because I always wanted a daughter and a son , but we only had a son. So she was the apple of our eyes. Everything she did was a joy to see. Then we were going to have another grandchild, and we really were hoping to have a grandson to carry down my husband 's name. Sure enough God was listening and we were blessed with our grandson. We enjoyed watching them grow. We love our children so very much, but we seem to not have the time to enjoy their every little things because we are busy bringing them up, and teaching them right from wrong. But our grandchildren is different, we can spoil them, and then they go home. Each visit they do to our home is exciting. I know that if you have grandchildren you know what I mean. My son loves his family very much , he is a very good parent, I am proud of him. And if his Dad were here today , he too would be so proud.So I do hope you enjoyed hearing about my grandchildren today.
I worked on my website project, I am nearly finished one, I am debating if I should add it before christmas or after on my website. The other project is going to take a while because there is a lot of typing to do. I may just continue it after the holidays,seeing we are so close to Christmas. I also have to add more names on my Chartersville Road Cemetery page.
So now you have something to read. Thanks for the lovely visit, until next time.
Have a great day.

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