Friday, December 21, 2007

What are you asking for Christmas? Did you ask for any genealogy books? You could ask for a family tree sofware. I have Legacy and my brother last year bought me the family historian to go with it. That was a lovely gift, one year I received the 1881 census from the latter day saints as a gift from a friend. There are so many books out there, that may interest you. I know it is close to Christmas for mentioning this but it just came to my mind. Or even a subcription to a genealogy site would be a great gift.
Well yesterday I went to my photo gallery at my website and lately I had been allowing folks to register in order to share their ancestor photos with us. Well that was a bad mistake on my part, I let everyone who applied to join. And I allowed the comments to be posted, well this morning I checked my email over 150 comments were posted and all spam. So I went and deleted them and banned the members. From now on, if anyone wants to honestly post and share their ancestors photos in our gallery, they will need to let me know who they are first.In other words I will not allow them to join unless I know they are sincere. It seems there is always someone wanting to spoil something meaningful.
My purpose for the gallery on my website, is to share old photos with one another. We may have photos of our ancestors somewhere that we do not know that they exist. I would love nothing better to have some photos of my Bristol line from Saint Paul show. Or my Williams and Legers from Notre Dame. I would love to see a photo if there is one out there of my mother in law's father Maxime Cormier who came from the Cap Pele area or Barachois, he married first to a Leger then he married Obeline Cormier in 1891 in Haute Aboujagane. A photo of him would be great to give my son or grandchildren some day.
Also I have a photo of Amand Cormier a Denis and Rose Boudrot, but if another one would come my way ,that would be nice.
In ending todays blog, if you want to join our photo gallery at acadian-roots, go there and contact me and let me know you want to subscribe and add photos.
Have a great day
Happy Holidays

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