Thursday, December 13, 2007

Many of you may call this dish, cinnamon rolls, or whirls, but to many of us they are called "Pette de Soeurs". I just made these this morning, froze some for the holidays and kept some to eat now.
If you look at some acadian cookbooks, you will see a recipe for these. They are very good.I make a biscuit type dough , and roll in in a rectangluar shape, butter it, add brown sugar, cinnamon and voila
Now since it is the christmas season, and everyone has a christmas wish, mine is to find some of my ancestors, first Abraham Chate and Ann Rose from Deptford England. I would like to find more about them. Next the parents of Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise married to Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin would be some nice. We know of one baptism for A Barthelemy Bergeron son of Rene Bergeron and Anne Dagault, can he be the correct one? So next who were Rene Bergeron and Anne Dagault, if Santa is out there I hope he hears my wish. grin
I have added more records of Quinan Nova Scotia on my website at , and I have two more things to add. One I am nearly finished, the other will take time .So be sure to keep visiting my website.
P'tit Francois hasn't had time so far to translate my pages, but he said not to give up on him, he will get at it as soon as he has some spare time.
So now I must get busy, and do a bit of housework, Thanks for the lovely visit, and come back soon.
Have a great day

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