Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cemetery Secrets

What can we learn from visiting cemeteries? Well many of those tombstones has a wealth of information. Did you know for instance that this Jane Doe died accidentally? Did you know that Uncle  Tom died overseas? Did you know that Mary was only 17 when she died? Lots of tombstones have images on them such as a truck which was where the deceased worked? Deer image he liked hunting. Fishing image he was a fisherman.

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Then there are the wives : Did you know that Grandmother was way younger than Grandfather? Or that Grandfather married more than once? All these little details are great for anyone doing genealogy or tracing \their family tree. When you begin your family tree make sure that checking cemeteries and obits are on your list of things to do. Be sure to bring your notebook and camera when you do go cemetery hunting.

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Speaking of cemeteries I also would like to add that I have added more names to my Rumford Maine USA cemetery. My friend Lorraine sent me more names and you can view them at the bottom of the cemetery page. Go to   go to Cemeteries of USA and then scroll to Rumford Maine. I added the new names at the bottom of the page to make it easier to find the new ones. So I do hope you learned something from todays blog.

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