Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheticamp Nova Scotia

Cheticamp NS mug
Cheticamp NS by allicor
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IN 1785 or around 1785 a group of Acadians returning from exile settled in the beautiful village of Cheticamp in Cape Breton, later a group of pioneers settled in Margaree. More settlers arrived and settled in both Cheticamp and Margaree,. These two villages are very near each other.  Cheticamp is a fishing village. It had three churches built there, the first one was made of  platen  in or around 1800 the next one was built in wood in 1810, the third one was built of stone in 1861. St Peter's church is a very beautiful church. I went  on a trip and did the Cabot Trail and stopped in Cheticamp, entered the beautiful church. If ever you go to the Cabot Trail be sure to stop and admire this beautiful structure. In the book on Cheticamp by Anselme Chiasson I read this passage:If the question was put to us  where can one find  today the type of people who have most faithfully preserved the Acadian character of  former days?  We would answer without hesitation:
" Go to the coast of Cheticamp". There on the shores which will perhaps never see a railroad,among that population,half farming and half fishing, you will discover treasures of faith, considerate charity and delicate hospitality.  I guess this sums it all.   Now I have created a calendar which also contains the image of the church and I have just created this beautiful mug, which I hope is going to show on here. You can visit my site at* click on church or calendar folders. I would also like to add that my other Allicor's Unique Boutique  at  will be more about my store and probably other zazzle stores if you are interested come follow me there too, I will try and have different topics for both blogs. Thanks for the visit  have a great day

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