Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thinking of you at Christmas Cards from

Thinking of you at Christmas Cards from

Hello everyone, well while I was creating this thinking of you Christmas Card I was thinking that I had not blogged here for a while. So here I am it is 815 am. The weather outside is not delightful it is overcast. grin.
What have I been up to lately? A lot. I am in the process of moving and let me tell you it is a big job. I am hoping to move before the cold and snow gets here. I seen they have already had snow in parts of the USA and Canada. Brrrr.
I am in limbo at the moment for that genealogy project I was working on, I am still waiting for more information to arrive. I think a family tree would make a wonderful Christmas gift. I remember doing one on McLaughlin family for a guy and when his father saw it he was overwelmed , he kept looking at it and he was so very pleased. I did another one for a gentleman who has now passed away and he really loved the book, that made me feel so good because I had helped someone learn about their ancestors. One Christmas I made my paternal line and gave a book to each of my siblings.You have to remember when doing a book ,you need to add information, stories about them, anything you find in newspapers or bibles, and a lot of photos, maybe of places they lived, clubs they belonged to and so on.
I know I keep talking about family tree books, but it is important, the more folks who have your family tree the more chance the information can survive for years to come. If you have the information on your computer, make a DVD and also add it in notebooks so you will be sure you don't lose it. Also to note if there is an event during your lifetime that you are not proud of that happened in your family line,dig a little further back and you will come across some good things that happened. But you have to remember, we are who we are and no matter if grandparents or great grandparents were evil or murderers or pirates, because of them we are here, so they cannot be overlooked or hidden. The truth is what we need to gather. Some family trees paint a lovely story but I bet some of those family trees may be hiding something. A girl who had a baby out of wedlock, a great grandfather who went to jail. a thief, and so on, hiding it is not right it is covering up the real truth. Today the young people live together have kids break up then the girl lives with someone else has kids breaks up , now what about those kids later on? They need to know who their fathers are, this information needs to be written down so in future years they will want to know. I have someone who branches in my tree who changed their names completely has around ten kids with different women and if those kids look up their father they cannot go any further than him, that is so sad, so I have added the information in my books just in case it will help them years from now. So again, write it all down, save it more than one place. Ok that is it for today , for someone who didn't know what to blog about I sure talked a lot. grin.
Now if you have time and want to do some window shopping or online shopping, as you know the holidays will soon be here why don't you stop by my gallery and see what I have that you might be interested in. Check out all my folders at* Have a great day

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