Monday, October 04, 2010

Someone someday will want to know

Many people are curious about who they are, where they come from and want to know about what kind of ancestors they had.
For example, were they important? (well to us they were). Were they rich,or famous or were they pirates,scoundrels and thieves.
Were some of our ancestors heroes ? At one time or another someone in our families will want to know, it may not be you but it may be you children,grandchildren,cousins etc. Now how many of you would love to have the history of your family? Well now is the time for all of you who are interested or who know of someone who might be to do something about it. Christmas is on its way, and it brings times of gifts  and what better gift than to create a family tree ,even a family photo album  for your love ones or friends. You can add things like what kind of work they did, where they lived, did they move ? Where to? Did they have a farm or own a factory? Add photos in the book, add obituaries, marriage certificates, their children, who they married. Little stories about them if you can gather them. Talk to family and friends, see if they know something.
Once you have all you info, what you can do that will not cost much, Get a binder like the one I created, pick up some plastic page protectors, and some photo paper for your photos and also computer paper and get to work and once you are done, gift wrap your family tree book and voila you have a Christmas Gift or Birthday Gift all ready to give. To see more about the binder above, click on the Binder URL below. And be sure to check out my genealogy products at*   I do hope this blog will inspire many of you, now is the time to get busy and create the family tree books.

  Binder URL

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