Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Genealogy Project

Hello everyone, as you all know Ancestry  has a series going on called Who do you think you are. And this show has probably got a lot of people wanting to know where they come from. My group and I  wanted to do something to help. So we have come up with an idea that I hope many will like. We are looking for anyone who has not done their family trees and probably have not idea what to do or where to go. We are looking for people with either Acadian,Cajun or French Canadians lines.If our project goes well we might move on to another candidate. We are taking names of anyone interested  and then we will make a draw ,the lucky candidate will have us find out what we can about his or her family tree. We may start out with two direct lines like Who do you think you are .That has not been finalized yet. So if you would like to know where you come from ,or if you have any friends you think would love their family tree done please let me know , you can contact me by leaving a comment here or via my website at
This will not be a tree with names, it will be more like a story . We may open a group on Facebook regarding the project which we have not names yet, I will let you know where it is and what it is called as soon as I know. If you contact me please put Project Candidate in the subject line of your email ok? We are excited about doing this because our efforts may make someone very happy and it will be something they can pass down to their descendants.
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